Sourcing and RFQ/RFP

You are looking for alternative/urgent goods/products or you want to have better suppliers with better price along with excellent service or just simple compare the price with your current suppliers?

We are able to liaise with the suppliers to explain your requirements and requesting information on pricing ,, lead time , and payment terms in order to help you solve your problems. . We gather all information detail as much as possible to provide the best quotation/proposal. You will easier make decision on buying or selling with detail information and internal report review.

Transportation / Trading service support

Purchasing and selling by importing or exporting goods are complicated with too many procedures/processes as well as collecting relevant documents? With close relationship with state agencies as well as third parties who also provide related services, we can help you complete import and export procedures, logistics or contact your partner to complete procedures and related papers. Make sure the buying and selling will be executed smoothly with information will be updated correctly and timely

Support for bid preparation

Join us for materials supply bids from big Customer. The requirement of local content to support local companies is always an obstacle for foreign supplier. We will be your perfect partners with fully understanding the customer’s need to get RFQ and professional for bidding documents preparation. It will increase the chance for winning and stabilize your long-term production by secured contracts.

Distribution agent / Consignment Stock service

Get a widest coverage for your products at the lowest cost, broadcast your product’s brands to market. We, a distributor will sell your products directly to your target customers. Helping customers to receive goods in a timely manner to secure the production plan and avoid shortage of goods/materials.

We also help to manage your consignment contract with customers and send your products by every call-request based on your contracts.

Other services

Suppliers / Buyer Verification / Factory Visits / Trade Show Tours

Not sure if the supplier you found online or at a trade show is legit? Let us handle the background check to verify if they are a legally registered company, check office/factory location, CEO or person in charge info and verify product certification. Further, we also can arrange a meeting with your potential suppliers/customers and providing transport, hotel and interpreter services…ect

Or simply you study/penetrate into the Vietnam market through exhibitions. With great experiences working with global businesses and fully understanding local companies, we can assist you in visits to exhibitions, interpreters and exchange of information about markets or products that interest you.