Foundry Fluxes

Refining Fluxes

The injectable fluxes are normally injected into the bottom of the furnace of metal using nitrogen as a carrier gas. The principle is to perform a fluxing and partial degassing technique in one operation. The range of fluxes has the following functions


Demagnesium Agent


JIT-M1 is in powder form supplied in weighed packets or in bulk.


Magnesium is desirable in some aluminum alloys, but there are specifications in the engineering alloy field where magnesium must be at a very low level. The segregation and selection of scrap is sometimes difficult and a melt may be made where the magnesium content is above the specified maximum.

JIT-M1 functions by evolving a gas which preferentially combines with magnesium and removes it from the melt. It also exerts a degassing and cleansing action and an additional degassing treatment may not be necessary.

Drossing Fluxes / Covering Fluxes

The flux range has many functions as follows:

  • Covering,protecting and dross-off aluminum and aluminum-alloy melts during melting.
  • Covering, protecting and washing aluminum/magnesium alloys.
  • Dross-off aluminum and aluminum/magnesium alloys with the minimum of metal loss.
  • Reclaiming swarf , skimming and turnings to obtain a good metal yield.
  • Reclaiming swarf , skimming and turnings to obtain a good metal yield.
  • Recovery of aluminum from skimming.
  • Cleansing and modifying aluminum/silicon alloys.
  • Removal of oxide build-up from furnace walls.